Thursday, August 17, 2006

After today I don’t think my body will ever recover!

Super. I gained 5 pounds since I was weighed at the evaluation. Oh, I know. It’s probably 5 pounds of pure muscle.

I am back at it in earnest. Holy cow! How can this hurt so much and be good for me? I am less limber, in constant pain and this is supposed to be beneficial? I figure this will only take an hour and I will be all the better for it. So I press on. I also learn to close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. This way I can block out my embarrassment at being the weakest guy at the gym. It’s a nice Zen trick I learned in the tai chi class.

Then after maybe the 4th machine. I see it. Oh, the horror! The shock! The disgust. I see someone who for a minute looks like my old boss. The one who sexually harassed me for 3 years in my last job. Oh, Yeah. Now I remember why I am doing this. Suddenly all of my motivation returns. I happily fantasize about the pummeling that will ensue if I ever see him again. I am going to be prepared. One of my personality flaws is that I hold grudges. The reality is that his wife’s buttery mashed potatoes will probably finish him off first.

But, hey. It helped me get in a good workout. My muscles are screaming in pain. Worse still, after the workout, in Body Flow/Tai Chi class, going from camel pose to peeing dog was still excruciating.


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